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Some Valuable Information Just for You

What Drinks Can We Serve?

Beer and Cider in Stubbies or Cans, wine, champagne. Any Soft Drink and Mineral Water in either Cans and Small Bottles, Spirits and Cocktails on special request.

Do You Do Table Service?

Not usually, we prefer for all service to be done from Mavis.  This is great as it reduces the alcohol costs and waste alcohol lower, as people dont drink as much, it also enables your guests to get up and mingle. We will roam around and pick up empty glasses and bottles throughout the evening.

Does Mavis & Lou Lou Supply Alcohol?

Good Question... And this answer is great for you.  All Alcohol is supplied by you, so you have the choice of the Beer and Wine you would like your guests to enjoy.

Are your Staff RSA Certified?

Yes.  All of our Staff have their RSA's and are experienced behind the Bar our Staff are very friendly and provide your guests with great customer service.

Where are you based and do you Travel?

Mavis Calls the lovely town of Mansfield Home but she loves to travel around the countryside.

How Big is Mavis and How Much Space Does Mavis Need?

Mavis is 2.2m Wide, 2.5m High and 4m Long including the trailer draw bar.

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